Friday, September 29, 2006

2006 - Photos

I have finally gotten around to looking at some of my digital photos and re-editing to fit here. Many of the shots really are not of much interest, I took them to document the garden.

Photo 1 - North WallPhoto 1 (384x480, 186K) is a shot of the north side of the yard. If you go back to my earlier diagram you can see the arrangements of all my pots.

Photo 2 (600 x 480, 246K) is a continuation of the first, but, showing the east side fence. The large mass of green on the right hand side is two tomato plants. The one at the back is the roma tomato. The one in the front is a regular tomato plant.

Photo 3 - Ratibida ColumniferaPhoto 3 (600 x 480, 115K) is a shot of the Yellow Mexican Hat. This was a good as it got all year.

As I get more shots up that look half-decent I will post them so you can see what the plants actually look like along with reading how they actually did here in Ottawa.

I didn't get very fancy for the camera. It is one my wife gave me several years ago and is a 1.3 megapixel Centrios. It is simple and easy to use and almost idiot proof. All of the images are stored on a 'smart media' card and I have a number of these. I have two options for getting the photos onto my computer. I can plug the camera in and Linux will detect the camera and offer to download the images for me. The second one is to take out the card and use my 'smart media' reader (again using Linux) and download the photos. The nice thing is that I don't need Windows to do this and Linux makes it look like another hard drive that I can read from (and write too).

I did a bit of retouching on the photos only in that I resized the pictures to fit on the screen to a maximum size of 640x480. This keeps the image size down as not everyone has high speed internet. FYI, Photo 1 was originally 630K, Photo 2 was 511K and Photo 3 was 473K and all were 1280x1024 in dimension.

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