Sunday, July 27, 2008

Wet summer

So far the summer here in Ottawa has been very wet. In June we had 23 days of rain out of 30 days in the month. So far in July it has been almost as wet. Emily's portion of the garden (beans, carrots and onions) is doing quite well and we are happy that her efforts are doing very well.

To date we have lost 4 geraniums due to the planters not draining very well and the sedum we got in the spring also died due to the amount of water. The geranium planters had 4 holes in the bottom, but, there was so much rain the soil would not drain fast enough, the sedum planter also had four fairly large holes in the bottom for drainage. Normally this is more than enough, but, this year it obviously was not.

The impatients seem to love the rain and the herbs also like the amount of water. We have done three cuttings on the Basil, 2 on the oregano and one each on the rosemary, winter savoury, sage and thyme.

The Dill also appears to like the wetter weather as it is almost 160 cm in height. If I tied it back better it will probably exceed 175 cm. I think in two or three weeks we will be harvesting the seed, but, right now the back yard smells quite nice with the dill.

The basil that I have cut and dried has filled up one mason jar and I estimate that the other spices (excepting the dill) will do that over the next several weeks.

When Emily harvests her carrots she will probably take pictures. If she does take pictures I will post them showing her efforts of container gardening.