Sunday, July 03, 2016

Summer of 2016 - so far so good

This year is going well for the backyard plantings.  So far the tomato plant is doing well and I don't see any problems with the tomatoes that are on the plant.  It has been a dry year, but, the mix I use has a good bit of peat moss in it to help hold the water.  I have done two cuttings and drying of herbs so this year I will have many bottles to last me for the winter.

My wife is looking forward to the sweet peppers as she didn't get to enjoy the garden much last year due to being in the hospital.

The strawberries were a surprise again.  This is the third year being in the planter and I never expected it to survive the first winter let alone a second one.  I picked about 15 strawberries from the one plant that flowered.

Sweet peppers are liking the weather and if everything matures I should be getting a dozen peppers per plant.  The peat moss mixed in the soil seems to be what is helping as the soil has stayed moderately moist without being overly wet.