Sunday, September 15, 2013

Disappointing 2013 growing season

For some reason the garden didn't turn out very well this year.  For a while it was cold and wet and for a very short period it was very hot.  As a result most of the garden didn't grow or died back.  The only things that grew well were dill and even that was the crop from last year that self seeded as the dill I bought died.  The cherry tomatoes and rosemary did very well this year.

When I get some of the photos of the garden uploaded (for some reason Google won't allow inserting of pictures right now) I will put up a few new shots.

Next up for this year is clearing out the annuals and then moving the perennials to where I will store them for the winter and then cover them up until next spring.  This isn't a hard task as I use empty planters to put over the perennials and then put a large tarp over the whole thing and then stake the edges of the tarp to the ground.  During the winter I put at least 1 meter of snow over the whole thing and that seems to work very well.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Start of the 2013 gardening season

It has been too long since I had anything to write here.  The new season has started and I am going with nine geraniums on the fence life for my wife on mother's day.  I don't buy her anything for valentines day and for mother's day I like to buy a lot of plants that will give her a whole year of enjoyment when she is sitting in our back yard.

I am starting only with geraniums as they are fairly hardy and environment Canada is forecasting a low of around 0c this week.  Next week we will be going out to the garden centres and picking up enough plants to fill around two dozen planters.  The theme colour this year will probably be bright red with white.

Hint to all of those guys who are reading this;  rather than buying cut flowers for your significant other why don't you pick up a potted plant and put it into a container for the whole growing season.  My wife loves this and she gets to show off our garden to neighbours  friends and family for the whole year.

The next thing we have to figure out is what other plants we are putting in.  It looks like the dill from last season self-seeded so we will probably keep that.  I am leaning towards cherry tomatoes (red colour again) as they go well in salads along with green onions.  In a few more weeks our rosemary will be moved to the outside after I give it a severe pruning.  The winter savoury did survive the winter, but the oregano and thyme for some reason didn't.  I like those three spices as I cut them fresh and crush them up into a pan with mushrooms, onions and butter on the BBQ when we are grilling.