Friday, April 13, 2007

The planting season has started.

If the weather holds up we will be starting the planting of our garden this weekend. Emily will be doing up several containers with carrots and onions. It is a bit early, but, I have several packages of carrots and onions so I won't be upset if they don't germinate.

We have started to clean up the containers after the long winter and cut back the sedum and savoury and then added more soil to the top of each container. Several containers have soil three years old so I will be going through them and using them to top dress the lawn area and refill with fresh soil (high in peat moss this time).

One of the plants that may be put in this year is dill. I grew it several years ago and it does do well in planters and was over 2 meters in height before I harvested the seed. Jane picked up several packages of snap dragon seeds and we will be putting those along the house wall and outside fence area where there is a bit of soil to cover up the area that is not covered by the concrete pavers.

When I have finished the weekend plantings I will udpate the diagram showing what is planted where.