Saturday, November 21, 2015

2015 - Another season finished

This year was a bit underwhelming and disappointing for the garden.  The disappointing part is that almost every Roma tomato rotted on the vine.  It appears to have been the year for this as a number of other people in Ottawa commented on the same problem.  The underwhelming part was a bit personal.  A family emergency meant I was at the hospital for 58 days and my wife and myself didn't get to enjoy the yard at the peak.  The Rosemary did well and after I washed it off I brought it in and have it in the living room window (it faces south).

Now that everything has died back it is time to start cleaning and clearing.  Most of the pots I have a peat moss mix and I dumped most of the earth back into a large garbage pail to keep until next season.  A few of the other pots have soil about 2-3 years old and I spread that over the lawn as a quick-and-dirty top dressing for next year.  The pots have perennials will be moved into a pile near the south-east portion of the yard along our living room wall.  I use the empty pots upside down over most of the boxes to protect the plants and then cover it with a large tarp.  During the winter I cover it all with at least a meter of snow and that works well every year.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Good start for 2015

It is now Victoria Day and the garden and flowers are all in.  Last week I picked up a lot of plants for the wife for mothers day.  Upside is the Strawberries survived the winter.  I didn't expect that as it was in a hanging planter, but, I put it under the tarp with the other planters and covered with over 1 meter of snow for most of the winter.  Right now it is flowering and I hope to get at least a dozen berries from the plant.  This year we didn't have a colour theme, but, picked as many different colours as possible.  Jane likes it as the back yard is a riot of colours.

I picked out a Roma tomato this year and I hope it will produce better than the cherry tomatoes from last year.