Saturday, July 02, 2011

Dill and bugs again.

This year we decided to try planting dill again.  For a while it looked good, but, one day I noticed that the plant didn't look very healthy. When I had a closer look we could see about 6 green and black caterpillars having a great time chowing down on the plant.  We manually picked them off and then dusted around the plant diatomaceous earth.  That seems to have worked as for a week now we have not seen any more bugs and the plant now looks very healthy and starting to seed.  We like the plant as when it gets a bit wet we can smell dill in our living room.

The cherry tomato plant is doing very well and we have a good number of green tomatoes growing and a larger number of blossoms.  Hopefully in a week or two we will be getting fresh tomatoes every day.  The Savoury and Thyme are also doing very well and I will be doing a harvest of fresh herbs and drying them for the winter.


Cherry Tomato plan

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Garden is smaller this year

As I noted in the prior post we were looking to buy a house so we didn't want to have a large garden.  Well things have changed a bit in that we are holding off for a while on buying a house.  We still have a garden, but, it will be much smaller this year.

So far we have dill plant in the north-east corner (by the living room window), a cherry tomato, basil, savory, oregano and a number of flowers.  Everything this year is easily transportable unless the tomato plant decides to grow to major proportions like prior years so if we do end up buying a house the whole garden can be easily transported.

We changed fertilizers this year.  Prior years we used miracle-gro and mixed it in the watering cans.  This year we bought the granular form and it only needs feeding every several months.  It will be interesting to see how this fertilizer works out, but, if it does this will make our lives a bit easier as I don't have to remember to feed the plants weekly.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

This year may be a smaller garden

We are looking to buy a house and move during the summer (hopefully).  With that we are looking at scaling back our gardening so that what we plant can be easily moved from one place to another without fear of losing the plants.  The upside is most (actually all) of our plants are in planters, but, we have to keep in mind that they now must be transportable.  One of the considerations on the new place is that the back yard must be south facing like our current place.  Most of the places we have seen this was true, but, if not we are also looking for a place where we could transplant our garden to a front yard area.

When we do find a place it will be interesting to see how well the plants take the move and grow.