Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Planning for 2007 gardening season.

It has been a while since I last updated the blog. There is really not much to do here in Ottawa during the winter other than reviewing what I did last season and what I want to do this coming season. Jane and I have been discussing what we want to see in the garden for the 2007 season now so that when the plants are in the stores we know what we want and where.

The first decision is to plant only geraniums along the fence line. They have done well in prior years and are tolerant of the heat and drying out there. We are planning six planters on the fence and each planter will contain three geraniums. We are looking at planting white and red alternating. If the savoury survives the winter we will be keeping that too. One thing that we will not be planting this year are tomatoes. It was nice, but, we were too successful and the plant took over too much space that several other planters needed.

One other thing is that we are slowly cutting back on the ornamental plants and are looking at more edible plants and herbs. Emily will be getting several planters for herself and we expect that she will want onions, carrots and beans again this year.

When I get time I will be drawing up the proposed layout for this year and I will scan it in so you can see what we are going to try to do this year.