Sunday, August 23, 2009

Summer 2009 - The summer that wasn't

So far this year the garden has been almost a total bust. For most of the summer it has been cool and wet. The Blue Stocking Beebalm and the Alask Shasta Daisy has been a total disapointment. They grew up fairly spindly and much less overwhelming in their flowers and foliage. I don't know if this is because of the weather or their being in containers, but, we won't be planting them next year. The wild flowers Emily planted along with her carrots are quite nice. She has already had two meals from her carrots and there are enough for at least two more. This is quite suprising as the box is 30x30 cm.

The other major disappointment has been the Basil. I think the combination of the weather and the fact we planted it with the Sage meant that we only got two small harvest from it. Next year we will be planting it in its own container and change the soil mix to one based on peat moss. The rosemary, savoury and thyme are thriving in their own containers and we should get several more cuttings before the autumn frosts. The rosemary will be brought in and placed in the living room beside the south facing window. We have done this for the last several years and the plant survives and thrives there so we won't be changing that.

The sedums are almost ready to blossom and when they do I will be taking photos of what they look like this year. This will probably be the last year in the pot as they are starting to out-grow the pot and will need to be divided next spring into at least two pots.

Just a short note about the photo at the top. You can thank Emily for this one. She borrowed my camera and took this image. The only thing I had to do was resize the image. She is getting very handy with digital cameras, Linux, digicam and the GIMP.