Thursday, June 02, 2011

Garden is smaller this year

As I noted in the prior post we were looking to buy a house so we didn't want to have a large garden.  Well things have changed a bit in that we are holding off for a while on buying a house.  We still have a garden, but, it will be much smaller this year.

So far we have dill plant in the north-east corner (by the living room window), a cherry tomato, basil, savory, oregano and a number of flowers.  Everything this year is easily transportable unless the tomato plant decides to grow to major proportions like prior years so if we do end up buying a house the whole garden can be easily transported.

We changed fertilizers this year.  Prior years we used miracle-gro and mixed it in the watering cans.  This year we bought the granular form and it only needs feeding every several months.  It will be interesting to see how this fertilizer works out, but, if it does this will make our lives a bit easier as I don't have to remember to feed the plants weekly.