Sunday, September 21, 2008

Summer End

Today is the last full day of summer and we have started to clean up the plants in the back yard. This year has been a bit of a disappointment, but, some plants did quite well (impatiens, rosemary, sedum, thyme and oregano). The Sedum is now flowering and is adding a nice splash of colour to the back yard.

The honeybees are also in full force. On the sedum alone I counted four bees at one time and the impatiens have two or more at a time collecting the nectar.

The winter savour is now flowering nicely and it will continue until it is covered in snow. Two weeks ago we brough in the rosemary plant and it should survive the winter nicely in the living room at the south side window.

We have started to clear out the various planters of dead growth and saving the potting soil in a container over the winter. Over the next few weeks we will be doing the remaining planters and saving as much of the soil as we can. When the pail is full I will be reusing the soil and top dress the lawn area.

Once all of the planters have been cleared out I will be starting the winterizing of the perenials and like last year we will be raking and saving the leaves in large garbage bags and placing them on the top and sides of the planters as insulation as that worked very well last winter.