Thursday, July 12, 2007

July Garden

The garden is now completely in and producing some really great herbs and flowers. The herbs have been cut back twice now and I had to use large mason jars to start to hold the dried herbs. The tomatoes are now almost waist high and I had to prune back the roma tomatoes once already.

The first picture shows the yard from the door to the house looking east. At the bottom of the photo is the sage followed by the sedum and the other plants. At the top of the picture in the hanging planters are carrots (right) and peppers (left). The peppers don't like being up there as we have lost three out of the four pepper plants. Carrots definately don't mind the planter.

The sage is definately liking the pot and I had to remove the rosemary and put them into their own pots. I put in only three plants and at this time they are 60 cm across and about 30cm in height.

The tomatoes have started to produce and yesterday I had two cherry tomatoes. The roma (left) self-seeded from last year and as I noted earlier our neighbors and in-laws got part of them. The plants were quite tolerant of being transplanted even at the start of July.

The basil (right) really likes the location and pot that we used this year. The soil is a mix of peat moss and light planting mix and they get watered every day. We used a 30cm pot and put it up on a rack about 1.25 metres off the ground beside the carrots (left). During the next week we will be thinning out the carrots by about 1/3 to allow the remaining plants to mature. Emily is looking forward to fresh carrots for dinner.

The geraniums and impatiens are also doing very well and by accident we picked plants that had very similar colours. They are along the south fence. The geraniums are on the top of the fence and the impatiens are underneath running along the fence where they get shade for most of the day.

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